Chuck_Berry_circa_1958While not as prevalent as in days gone by, the Blues is still very much alive and kicking and can still be heard in a variety of genres, from metal to rap. But there are still a few hardcore Blues musicians sticking to the classic themes and producing some fantastic new Blues music. Few such bands are popular in mainstream charts, but in the age of the internet, it’s never too difficult to discover new Blues bands.

Modern Blues Artists

While you won’t often hear a pure Blues band on the radio these days, you might be surprised at some of the modern musicians who stick predominantly to the Blues.

  • Jack White – One of the few Blues purists out there that made it to more mainstream charts, Jack White certainly has his own style, but it all stems from classic blues. With the White Stripes he covered the Robert Johnson classic “Stop breaking down” and in more recent years songs such as “Will there be enough water” showcase classic Blues traits. He uses minimal effects on his guitar and insists on keeping his music raw and from the heart. Listen back to his music and you’ll pick out the Blues influences clearly.
  • Joe Bonamassa – With music in his blood, Joe is the fourth generation of his family to take to the stage and make music. His music is heavily influenced by British style blues rather than traditional delta blues and has a hard rock, electric blues sound.
  • Janiva Magness – This is a woman who has the blues oozing out of her soul. The product of a tragic life, her parents committed suicide while she was a child and she spent most of her youth in foster care. She discovered the Blues, and with it a way to heal her broken heart and troubled soul. She has a beautiful, rich and smoky voice and creates deep, emotional lyrics.