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The Lesser Known Blues Legends

The history of the Blues is as rich as the music itself, and is full of characters that helped shape the genre. Indeed, there are a great many amazing Blues performers who are forever lost to history. However, there are some legends whose names have survived the passing of time, even though their music may […]

The Mother of the Blues

We’ve met the father of the Blues, so now let’s meet the mother of this timeless style. Perhaps the original Blues diva, we’re talking about the first really recognised Blues singer, Ma Rainey. Born in Georgia 1886, Gertrude Pridgett was from a musical family, and had a natural talent for it. She was winning talent […]

The Father of the Blues

Having had a look at the origins and evolution of the Blues, it’s time to delve back into the past and find out about the movers and shakers that spread the word and caught the attention of the public. The list of Blues legends stretches far further than I’m willing to write down, but it […]