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Popular Covers You Never Knew Were Blues Classics

It’s a fact that the Blues have had a huge influence over a wide range of musical genres over the years and indeed to this day. What a lot of us aren’t so aware of however, is that a lot of our favourite songs are actually covers of old Blues classics. Here’s a rundown of […]

Modern Day Blues

While not as prevalent as in days gone by, the Blues is still very much alive and kicking and can still be heard in a variety of genres, from metal to rap. But there are still a few hardcore Blues musicians sticking to the classic themes and producing some fantastic new Blues music. Few such […]

The Best Blues Albums for Beginners

Anyone who is just getting into the Blues is rather spoilt for choice when it comes to albums to buy. In fact, with such a long, rich and varied history, it can be really difficult to decide where to start. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Blues albums […]