Hi and welcome to my Blues Blog! I’m Frederick and I am by no means an expert when it comes to the Blues. It is however a style I’ve loved from afar for many years and I’ve recently decided to delve deeper into the genre on a journey to discover the artists and music that gave birth to more modern styles. Indeed, the more I learn, the more I hear the Blues in everything from Heavy Metal riffs, to rap lyrics.

I’ve decided to record my discoveries on this blog; firstly to make sure I don’t forget anything, but also to share my findings and opinions with like minded people. So come and join me on a Blues road trip as I look into the history of this iconic genre.

We’ll take a look also at the founding figures, those legends that shaped and spread the music in the days of its humble beginnings. This is a style that is swamped with mystery and legend, and I’ve had great fun sifting through various reports to reveal some Blues mythology. It’s fascinating stuff and reflects the way of thinking at the time, but also shows a fun, light hearted side of this often melancholic style.

But it’s not just a history lesson! I love to see how the Blues has influenced so many more recent artists. I never knew how many of my favourite songs were actually covers of old Blues classics, or at least heavily influenced by them.

If like me, you’re new to the style, read on and enjoy, and while you do so, check out some of my favourite Blues albums that will help you get acquainted with the style.

Enjoy the blog, but more importantly, enjoy the Blues!